Gray Wold. Code: 522


Quartel: Sierra de la Culebra. Duration of permit: 7 days.
The additional fee is included, according to the ORDER FYM / 436/2014 of 19 May, which regulates the hunting management and the exercise of hunting in the Regional hunting Reserves of Castile and Leon:

Additional fee for wolf: 2500 €
Res injured and uncollected: 600€

Included in the starting price is the BASIC PACKAGE of services to the hunter, established by RESOLUTION of September 20, 2016, of the General Directorate of the Natural Environment, which establishes the amount corresponding to the expenses necessary for the control of the use For the season 2017-2018.

Before starting the hunt, the hunter must present to the Ranger the documentation (original) that the law requires to perform the hunting: ID or document of identity, Hunting license of Castile and Leon; Weapons Permit; Weapons Possession Guide and Hunting Assurance. In the event that the hunter does not have any of these documents, or any of them is not current, the hunt will be canceled.

Temporada 2017
Hunting date: 
Monday, 20 November, 2017
Type of hunting: 
Initial prize: 
3 600€
Time left: 

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