Woodcock-Partridge. Cod: 2066 (CLOSED PRICE)


Quarter: Vañes. Permit duration: 1 day.

Permits from 3 to 5 hunters, with a maximum of two dogs per hunter.
The PRICE OF DEPARTURE will be considered as TAXABLE BASE, the price of award will be increased by 21%VAT.

The maximum quota of pieces to collect is set at 3 specimens per hunter per day for woodcock and 2 specimens per hunter per day for red-legged partridge, and the hunt will be considered as finished when this quota is reached.
All hunters attending the hunt must wear a yellow, green or orange vest-type garment, of a striking and reflective color, so that they can be seen from a great distance.

During the celebration of these hunts, foxes, crows and magpies will be authorized to be shot, with no quotas for these species.

Temporada 2024
Número de lote: 
Hunting date: 
Sunday, 27 October, 2024
Type of hunting: 
Huntable species: 
Initial prize: 
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