Wild Boar. Códe: 646 (CLOSED PRICE)


Quarter: Boca. Possibility of Wolf. Duration of the hunt: 1 day.
Possibility of change of dates with the Technical Direction of the RRC (987296100-ext: 830383).

The successful bidder will take charge of the organization of the hunt, except the location of positions that will be realized by the day-care center. The maximum number of hunters (excluded beaters and / or dog catchers) will be of 25 and the minimum of 15, staying the hunt suspended definitively if in the moment to initiate this one does not reach the above mentioned number.

14 dogs are authorized. In this number there are included adult dogs, puppies, etc. The positions will not be able to be doubled. In the supposition of which they go two hunters to an alone position will be able to take a weapon.
The BASIC PACKAGE of services is included in the starting price to the hunter.

The complementary quota is included, in agreement to the ORDER FYM/436/2014, of May 19, by that there is regulated the tidy hunting utilization and the exercise of the hunt in the Regional Reservations of Hunt for Castile and León. During the development of the hunt it will be possible shoot also on the wolf (providing that it is a skilful epoch of the same one), previous authorization of the Technical Direction and in conformity with the regional planning in case of the wolf, with quota of 1 copy for beaten.

Temporada 2017
Número de lote: 
Hunting date: 
Sunday, 18 February, 2018
Type of hunting: 
Huntable species: 
Initial prize: 
1 050€
Time left: 

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