Lot 7 Eurasian Woodcocks. Cod: 1038 (CLOSED PRICE)


Quarters: IX. Eurasian Woodcocks permits. Permit duration: 1 day.

Each permit allows the hunting of a maximum of three hunters grouped in groups or in hand, not more than 150 meters apart, and the use of six dogs (two per hunter).

During the hunting day NO other small game species may be shot or killed except foxes, magpies and crows which may be shot without quota limitation.

Permit codes:
202401038 - 28/10/2024
202401043 - 12/11/2024
202401048 - 27/11/2024
202401053 - 13/12/2024
202401054 - 20/01/2025
202401211 - 05/11/2024 Quarters X
202401216 - 20/11/2024 Quarters X

Temporada 2024
Número de lote: 
Hunting date: 
Monday, 28 October, 2024
Type of hunting: 
Huntable species: 
Initial prize: 
2 450€
Time left: 

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