Hunting in the Regional Reserves of Castile and Leon

Regional Hunting Reserves are those lands declared with the double purpose of preserving and promoting certain species and, once achieved adequate levels of density, rationally use this wealth of species for maximum social and recreational satisfaction, seeking to head the regions concerned with an intense money-flow that would allow improving their economic and social conditions. Their ownership corresponds to the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon and their administration to the Regional Office of Environment.

The constitution of the former National Hunting Reserves, now called Regional Hunting Reserves in Castile and Leon, was the result of a long process, initiated at the beginning of this century, with successive and various performances. Since the creation of the Royal Preserves "Picos de Europa and Gredos" in 1905 through the fifties and sixties, where the National Service of Fluvial Fisheries and Hunting, developed a huge task for the sake of the recovery and management of our wildlife, achieving the reconstruction of important centers of faunal wealth, which led to the creation of new National Preserves and the network of Regional Hunting Reserves.

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