FAQ and user manual


Here you have a number of frequently asked questions to facilitate the use of the portal.


1. I have registered for free but I cannot bid. What do I have to do?

The website will ask for a single fee of 20 € when you try to bid on any auction. Remember to be logged in with your username and password to bid. The system will send you to a virtual payment terminal that requires credit card. From that moment, you already can bid in any auction in the future.


2. My bid was the winner in an auction. What do I have to do?

If you have won the reservation of an auction, you will receive an email confirmation. In this email you will have 48 hours to use a link in the email and pay the management fee, 5% of your bid (with a maximum of € 100) in the virtual payment terminal. If you are not allowed to access to the page when you use this link, it is because you have not logged on to the page, so the system cannot recognize your identity. You must have logged on to the page when you click on the payment link.


3. I managed to pay the reservation of my winning bid. What do I have to do?

You will receive another confirmation email with private information from the owner of the lot, and instructions on how to proceed to arrange the payment of the lot, dates, name of the hunter, etc. The owner will also get an email with your information and, usually, he will contact you.


4. If after the 48 hours to validate the reservation of the lot won in the auction I have not made the payment, what do I have to do?

After 48 hours, the system notifies to the next best bidder, so you have lost your rights on that lot.


5. The management fee of 5% is deducted from the final price of the lot?

No. This fee is independent. You must pay the whole bid price to the owner of the lot according to the instructions that you will receive by email, as well as any costs added afterwards such as complementary fees for the owner.


6. I paid twice the validation of the auction. What do I have to do?

Please send an email to subastasdecaza@cesefor.com or call +34 975212453 telling your name, the auction and the winning bid. You will receive a payment on the same card with which you paid.


7. I have already paid for the reservation; can I give another person's information for the license?

Once you have completed the reservation with the payment of 5% you will be informed about the conditions to formalize the payment of the winning bid. Having paid that amount, you must send proof of payment and the hunter whose name will be shown in the license, which may be another person different from who has bid on the portal.


8. I have already paid for the reservation; can I change the date of the hunting?

The initial dates set for each auction are reserved for hunting these days, but contacting the Technical Department of each Regional Game Reserve, it is possible to change some hunting dates, subject to the availability of the Rangers schedules.



Please refer to the terms of use to have all necessary information, or download them in this link in pdf format



Here you have a user manual with flip book format (in Spanish). If you cannot view it on your device, download here in .pdf format