Deposit requested - Terms of use change

We want to inform you of a change of the terms of use of the portal. To guarantee a better functioning of the bids and auctions process, from today Tuesday, February 26, 2024, the user will be asked for a deposit in advance that will be lost in the if not finishing the auction process when an auction is awarded.

Once the registration process has been completed, depending on each auction and only for certain categories of auctions, and prior to placing the bid, a financial DEPOSIT may be requested (up to 50% of the starting price of the auction, and not exceeding the maximum amount of €1500), which will be defined in each auction and which will be formalised by the same POS payment system mentioned above.

The return of the amount of this DEPOSIT once the auction has ended (once all the payments have been made, both the 5% award and the total payment) may be requested only by the bidder, regardless of the result of the auction, or the bidder may keep this deposit as SECURITY DEPOSIT in order to be able to participate in other online auctions. In no case will deposits be deducted from the amount of the winning bid. The system will calculate if the deposit is sufficient to participate in subsequent auctions or if you have to make any additional payments. If the winning bid is forfeited in any of the auctions in which you have participated and a DEPOSIT has been made, it will be forfeited and in no case may a refund be requested.

The refund of the deposit shall be requested by email to and shall be returned in the second fortnight of the month following the date of the request, on the same card with which the payment was made.

For any questions or suggestions write or callto the emails and telephone numbers available at

Thank you.